Marriage Counseling

Intimate relationships and marriage can offer the greatest fulfillments in life, but can also pose challenges that are quite difficult to overcome when partners fall out of sync.  Couples counseling can offer an important opportunity to facilitate the difficult conversations that move a relationship from ‘being stuck’ and having broken trust to finding your love again.

My practice of couples therapy is predicated on the simple idea that the partnership within a relationship is meant to bring out the best in each individual.  I support this practice by encouraging each partner to explore what the best of yourself and the best of your partner looks like and then focusing on supporting emotionally attuned communication and responsiveness so that a more connected and understanding relationship can be established.

Couples counseling includes:

  • Identifying recurring patterns in relationship

  • Exploring individual histories

  • Practicing emotionally-attuned communication

  • Supporting lifelong growth and intimacy in the relationship