Individual Counseling

In my practice of individual therapy, my expertise is in supporting those who struggle with mild/moderate depression and anxiety or who are looking for greater depth, meaning and connection in their life.

In these sessions, I care to create a place where you can relax, be yourself and where your truth can be unequivocally expressed and respected.  In this space I hope that we can engage in a meaningful reflection of your life and explore the changes you want to make for yourself.

I will support you on exploring how you can become your ‘best self’ and assist with you putting a plan of action together so that you can actualize your greatest potential.

Individual treatment can include:

  • Exploring personal history

  • Identifying current stressors

  • Defining personal goals

  • Developing coping skills

  • Supporting personal organization

  • Managing work-related stress

  • Building skills to handle anger

  • Treating anxiety/depression

  • Introducing mindfulness

  • Enhancing relationships and intimacy

  • Creating purpose and meaning in life