Divorce and Co-Parenting Children

Often, divorces can be a difficult emotional transition and it can take a toll on everyone in the family.  The parents have an especially complex task to not only tend to their personal needs but to also care for their children’s needs as well. In these cases, I see family therapy as an important resource that can offer a family the support to reorganize and heal.

Through these transitions, I believe that for effective family therapy to occur, both parents must be willing to work together to build a respectful, collaborative and consistent co-parenting relationship.  When this style of partnership is established amongst the parents, it sets the tone in stabilizing the family to move forward and it will send a message to the children that their needs will be prioritized.  This work can be very challenging, but when the children’s needs are prioritized the path for healing begins.  


Teen & Family Counseling May Include:

  • Supporting Identity Development

  • Addressing Personal Management Related to Academics

  • Promoting Career Development

  • Stimulating Motivation and Resilience

  • Targeted Goal Development

  • Practicing Emotional Identification and Expression

  • Developing General Wellness/Self Care

  • Addressing Behavioral Concerns/Risk-Taking

  • Exploring Healthy patterns in peer relationships

  • Reviewing Drug/Alcohol Education

  • Treating Depression/Anxiety/ADHD

Areas of co-parenting treatment include:

  • Addressing Self-Care and Coping for Parents and Children

  • Repairing Relationships Within Family

  • Practicing Emotional Identification and its Healthy Expression

  • Developing Co-Parenting Communication and Collaboration