Therapy for ADHD

Those who are affected by ADHD typically have exceptional talents, inspiring creativity and radiant personalities, but all these attributes are often overshadowed by patterns of hyperactivity and disorganization that dominate their lives.

My approach to working with those impacted by ADHD is to support their individual awareness of the symptoms and practice strategies to channel their energy into positive outlets.  Often times, those who are impacted by ADHD struggle with socialization and communication skills and addressing these skills is core to my approach with ADHD. I am also particularly sensitive to address the needs of self-esteem and depression that frequently arises in the misunderstood child who has lived through years of untreated ADHD.  Through this process I also emphasize the importance of parental/familial support to create an optimal home environment for the child to address these needs. If needed, I can collaborate with schools, doctors, psychiatrists, to more effectively address these needs.

Areas of ADHD treatment include:  

·       Impulse Control

·       Self-regulation

Eric Hotchandani LMFT - ADHD.jpg

·       Social skills

·       Medication management consultation

·       Depression/Self-Esteem

·       Creativity

·       Emotional Expression

·       Personal management

·       Collaboration with schools